Archdiocesan First Synod

In March 1998, a Synod Committee was formed to plan and organize the Diocesan Synod approved by the clergy, religious and the laity. The consensus was reached and rounded off with celebration of the Chrism Mass in April 1998 at the Cathedral.

The official promulgation of the Synod was done on 20th August 2000 by Archbishop Emeritus Josaphat Louis LEBULU in the presence of His Grace Luigi Pezzuto, then the Apostolic Nuncio for Tanzania.

Thus, the Synod came to conclusion with a number of resolutions based on the felt pastoral and developmental needs of the people of the Archdiocese of Arusha. These felt needs were prioritized in accordance with their importance and urgency, namely:

  • The need for the Church to be a Family of God
  • The need for Christian life to be based upon Small Christian Community experience
  • The need for a meaningful liturgy coming up as an expression of acculturated faith in Jesus Christ
  • The need for integral Evangelization
  • The need for fostering Christian vocation as Laity, Religious and Priests.
  • The need for Mass Media and Communication facilities
  • The need for justice and peace endeavour in our Archdiocese
  • Gender/women development needs
  • Children’s rights and justice needs
  • Youth needs
  • Inculturation needs

The eleven resolutions of the Synod of Arusha mentioned above have been the basis of our Synod document comprising 11 chapters. Each chapter has been elaborated into canonical binding acts relating to each resolution. The document was ready in Kiswahili Language on the day of the promulgation. The English version is also available. However, not yet the Maasai version.

A lot of work in the implementation of the Synod resolutions is seriously being realized and some notable fruits of such an endeavour is already being enjoyed by the people of Arusha.