Construction stages of the Cathedral from foundation to the final stage

Surely God loves us and cares for his Church. The main Church of our Archdiocese – Cathedral, is almost in completion. We shall have a House of God in which every Christian is obliged to go and speak to God. A house where everyone will receive Spiritual and Bodily Healing. A private home for communicating with God and finding relief from the thoughts of the world. A home where we shall be receiving spiritual power to overcome the evils of the world, a house of worship of the True God, a house of reconciliation and a refreshment of the spirit, mind and body.

Everyone of good-wish is welcome in order to complete the last remaining of roofing, floor, windows, paintings, electric wiring, seating etc.

You are welcome to make personal or group contributions as instructed below.

Archdiocese of Arusha – Cathedral Building.

A / C No – 014103016579

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